• Silencing Your Inner Critic

    Do you realize how much you talk to yourself?  Are you aware of your inner critic?  Do you hear this constant chatter box?  And what is she or he saying to you all day long?  Are you listening?

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How to recognize what you are saying to yourself
    • Learn tools on how to change negative thoughts into positive ones
    • How positive self-talk can help you live your life fully alive

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  • Living Alive In The Bedroom

    Do you feel like you are living your life alive sexually? Do you feel like you could be getting more out of your sex life? April Monica, a Female Empowerment and Sexuality Coach shares how to get out of your head and into your body to better enjoy the pleasure of sex. She guides women to awaken their sexuality by using ancient spiritual practices from Taoism and Tantra. But, don’t worry guys, you will receive information from this episode to enhance your life in the bedroom as well. 

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How to evaluate what your beliefs and programming are about sex. 
    • How to get out of your head and into your body during sex. 
    • How to attract what you really desire sexually.
  • Playing The Comparison Game Can Bench You

    Are you caught up in life playing the comparison game? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others in certain areas of your life? Do you find this helpful or hurtful? Is it serving you or paralyzing you? 

    In this episode:

    • You will learn tools to help you recognize when comparing yourself to others is not serving you. 
    • You will learn how to change your thoughts towards comparison and judgement. 
    • You will learn how you celebrate and live your life more alive by stepping out of the comparison game. 

  • Money! Money! Money!

    Money! Money! Money! What is your relationship to money? How does it affect you from living your life fully alive?

    Do you get a sick feeling when you think about money? Are you constantly worried whether or not you’ll make ends meet because you can’t seem to find a way to manage your finances? Or maybe you make more than enough money, but you don’t have a good working strategy on how to use it to live your life alive? There’s a good chance you’re not alone! Money is one of the most thought about things in the world, but little is spoken about the relationship we have with money. Holly Morphew was in massive debt and decided enough was enough! She now is the founder and CEO of Financial Impact and just released a book titled “Simple Wealth,” which just hit #1 on Amazon in nine different categories. In this episode you will learn how to create personal wealth and financial independence. Listen in! You won’t want to miss the prime tips that you can put into action today!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • Shifting toward an abundant mindset.
    • Creating your vision.
    • Action steps to take toward personal wealth and financial independence.
    • Money can be very simple
  • How to Overcome Negative Thinking

    Have you been strapped in tight on an emotional rollercoaster, soaring up, down, and then back up again? Are the negative thoughts or worries flooding in making it impossible for you to take back control of your happiness? As much as we all want to be more positive, negativity can be so alluring due to how our brains work to protect us. In order to venture down a more positive path, we have to convince ourselves to take action that we know will shift our mindset. In this short episode, Jen Costantino and Autumn Shields give voice to negative thinking and discuss tools to help us focus more on the positive side of things. Experiencing emotions is never a bad thing, but if you find yourself overanalyzing everything, worrying to the point that it’s all you can do, or ruminating over things you can’t control, then this episode is for you! 

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • Tools you can implement daily to bring more positivity into your life.
    • Being aware of how the things in your environment make you feel & how to not let what you can’t control, control you. 
    • How to protect yourself from getting stuck in negative thinking. 
  • From Feeling Overwhelmed To Becoming Productive

    Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Are you overwhelmed or overcommitted? Do you know that if you could master time, you could live your life more fully present and feel more alive? 

    In this episode you will learn more about:

    • Time blocking
    • Tracking time
    • Breaking goals down into tasks
    • How to identify distractions
    • The difference between a project and a task
    • Rewarding yourself 

    Valerie Recore is a productivity coach, a time giver, and a decision-maker. She works with overwhelmed and overcommitted women. She’s been there. She gets it. She has 2 young kids, a husband, her own business, and occasionally a social life. She too has felt like there’s too much on her plate. With a background in mental health and corporate training, she’s ready to guide you toward a better relationship with time. She loves to travel and looks forward to doing more of it as her kids grow. On rare occasions, you can find her on the couch or back porch with a cup of coffee or glass of wine, reading a book. If you’re feeling pulled in too many directions, she’s here to help. 

  • Living Life In The Sweet Spot

    How do you know if you are living on purpose? Are you using all of your God given gifts? Tough questions….  Here are some sure signs that you may not be:

    1. You use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.
    2. You hate Mondays, call Wednesday “hump day,” and live for Fridays.
    3. You can’t honestly look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m doing what I was put on Earth to do.”
    4. You don’t believe making other people’s lives better is the purpose of your work.
    5. You are not (truly) grateful for what you have.
    6. Your focus is on making money.

    People that feel true satisfaction and are living on purpose find themselves surrounded by abundance.  It shows up in their relationships, their work and in their bank accounts.  They can’t wait to get up in the morning, they don’t care what day of the week it is, they are bursting at the seams with gratitude and unquestionably the purpose of their work is making other people’s lives better.  

    You may be saying to yourself, “Yeah right, life isn’t like that!” If that’s your belief then you’re right, work isn’t like that.  But if you just read that and are curious how your career can be just like that, then let’s dive deeper.

    Mike Tarantino – is an entrepreneur, life coach and business coach.

    Mike specializes in small business start-ups, buying and selling small businesses, creative financing, leaving your job to go off on your own, and male midlife crisis resolution. 

    Nothing makes Mike happier than helping people wake the courage inside them, discover their gift and watch them share it with the world.

  • Finding Joy in All the Right Places

    Where do you find joy?  Is finding happiness a struggle or do you experience it with ease? Do you often find yourself in circumstances that feel hard to keep your reactions under control? It can be easy to get distracted from all the beauty and good that exists, but what you experience is your choice! Alexis Dascoulias dives deep into what inner joy is, how she chooses to find happiness daily, and what you can implement into your life to start feeling your inner joy as well. She introduces the power our daily decisions have and gives you great advice on how to deal with those negative people that come into your life. Alexis has served as a teacher, director, theater producer, mentor and speaker for programs such as the American Camp Association, Rotary International, state STEM programs and public and private schools. She is a firm believer in the power of camp, grit and gratitude! Listen in and begin to transform your life by learning to reclaim your power and find inner peace.

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How to find inner joy daily
    • Why some seem to struggle to find that inner peace and happiness
    • Activities you can implement daily to help bring more joy into your life in 2021
  • How to Create a Clear Vision for Your Life

    A new year is coming!  Regardless of when you are listening to this show you can implement what you will learn from this show year around. Allow yourself to be open to receiving these great tools and all the good that is coming!

    Are you living your life with intention or just “doing” life?  Are you manifesting the things you truly desire, or do you find yourself settling lately?  Are you feeling the nudge to step into your calling but you are resistant to it?

    You have the power within you to step into a life you desire and are being called to live.  Teri talks about the nudges in her own life and how they helped direct her to step into her calling and what happened when she didn’t follow the nudges.  She also shares how to work with intention daily and shares tools on how to manifest the things you desire.

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How following life’s nudges can guide your life.
    • How being intentional at the end of the day, allows things to come to you instead of having to be in place of pushing.
    • How putting pen to paper or doing a vision board, your brain generates new ideas and allows you to act as if it has already happened.
    • When you visualize what you want and tap in into the emotion of it, the energy aligns and where the magic happens.