• Kicking Off Season #4 and Letting Go Of The Noise

    Are you ready to feel fully alive in your life? Have you been searching for a way to take your life to the next level? Maybe you are feeling alive in certain areas of your life and completely lost or uninspired in others. To be able to live YOUR best life, you must first assess where you are today and where you want to be. In this episode we are kicking off season four with tips on how to quiet the external noise around you so you can learn to listen to your internal narrative. We have a lot in store for you this season to help you introspect and find what it means to YOU to live your life more fully alive. 

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • What does it mean to ‘turn down the noise’ & why is it important?
    • Tips on tuning in to your own internal desires.
    • What you can expect this season.

  • I’m Fine! Everything Is Fine! Or Is It?

    Saying “I’m fine” can be an overstatement or an understatement depending on how life is going, but why hide your true experience? Are you scared that your friends and family will judge you? Are you okay celebrating the highs and learning through the lows? In this episode, you’ll hear how over the years as Autumn was building her online wellness business, there were times where she felt unsupported and rarely embraced by people in her life. After realizing how drained she felt, she decided it was time to make some changes in her life and be particular as to who she shared her sacred space with and found people who were like-minded. Tune in to hear Autumn’s tips for re-evaluating relationships so you can create boundaries and start surrounding yourself with people who will celebrate your wins and be there for you during your lows.  

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode: 

    – Why being fine is not always okay.

    – How to accept and trust the process.

    – How to celebrate the good times and move through the tough times.

    – How to choose people to surround yourself with who support you.

    – How to navigate through all the emotions that we as humans feel.

  • Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

    Have you ever made a statement like “I’m not good at that”, “I don’t have enough money”, or “bad things always happen to me”? These are examples of common limiting beliefs that put you in a corner of your own making and often falsely define you. Before we welcome in the new year, Autumn Shields talks about one of the biggest ways to make a change in your life. Noticing your limiting beliefs and beginning to work through them, so you can let go and live fully alive as the best version of yourself! If you’re in a place where you feel lost and don’t recognize yourself, listen to this episode. It could be exactly what you needed to start making big changes in 2022!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • What limiting beliefs are
    • Noticing your own limiting beliefs
    • Exercises to help you let go of those limiting beliefs

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  • Thriving Through The Holidays

    Are you ready to have the best holiday season ever? Do a million and one things come to mind that you need to get done? Are you stressed about money or seeing family? The holiday season is a time of year that can be very stressful and overwhelming. The hustle and bustle of the season, the commercialism, the expectations, the family dynamics, and all that comes with it can easily cause us to feel overwhelmed and dissociated. However, there are ways to thrive during this time of year instead of just surviving and that is exactly what Autumn Shields talks about in this week’s episode. With a big family and tons of traveling,  Autumn is well versed in how to thrive during the holiday season. She is sharing her top 6 tips with YOU so you can focus on being more present with your friends and family this year. 

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • 6 tips on thriving, not just surviving the holidays.
    • Creating boundaries to protect yourself. 
    • Giving yourself and others grace this holiday season.
  • Letting Go of What Everyone Thinks About You

    How much time do you spend worrying about what others think about you and what you do? Do you tip toe your way through life by doing things in order to please other people? If you really care, it could be your biggest source of anxiety and stress. Maybe you question what you do in life, in case someone else doesn’t like it. This week, Autumn Shields interviews Jenny Kronbach who is the founder and CEO of the “Choose You” method. Jenny has coached hundreds of women to believe in themselves, see their worth, and to take action to pursue their dreams. She is here to share her story on how she used pleasing people as a coping mechanism, how it has affected her life, and how she has gotten to a place where she is now coaching other women to see their own value and live in their integrity. If you have always struggled with social anxiety or constantly putting yourself on the back burner in your own life, this episode is for you!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How pleasing people can be a coping mechanism.
    • Knowing your value 
    • Tips and tools on how to let go of what everyone thinks about you.
  • Life Isn’t Fair!

    When I’m feeling like life isn’t fair or my thoughts/emotions feel out-of-control, I have choices to make.

    This is what I choose:

    -To first allow myself to feel everything I am feeling and that it’s natural.

    -To remember my mom told me over, “Life isn’t fair!”

    -To not bash the very people who I believe are hurting other people, but to pray that the darkness will be revealed.

    -To not destroy or riot in the streets and hurt others who have never hurt me.

    -To not judge others for having different opinions than me or not seeing the world as I see it. I pray I continue to evaluate my lens, which I see the world through, and seek to better understand others with compassion.

    -To not control or censor others in anyway, but to light a path of positive choices for others to want to follow.

    -To focus on things I can change even when I feel small.

    -To act on things I can change when I have the strength.

    -To pray for courage to change things I can when I feel defeated.

    – To not lose focus on what is truly important.

    -To pour into the lives of others in the areas I have been afforded the opportunity to be an inspiration and influence.

    -To protect my ears and eyes from the negative and focus on the positive.

    -To not be led like a sheep, but to always see the truth.

    -To give where I can give.

    -To make a difference in the lives of children, our future generations who will someday soon lead us.

    – To continue to grow our businesses with “My Person” because it is our passion and how we help people.

    -To continue to strive to make choices to live a healthy life and help others on their healthy living journey.

    -To continue to do things that make me feel good like writing, dancing in the kitchen and talking walks on the beach.

    -To find my breath and focus on it. (I didn’t think it would work either, but it does)

    – To connect with others because we were made to connect and support each other’s journey regardless of how bumpy of a ride it is.

    – To keep falling in love with myself, because the more I can learn to love myself, the more I can learn to love others deeply.

    -To challenge myself daily to live authentically and shine my light because it will give others permission to shine their light.

    -To fail forward.

    -To be a good human because that is what we are called to do.

    We all have choices.  What can you choose at this very moment to help with peace in your life and the world?