Have you been strapped in tight on an emotional rollercoaster, soaring up, down, and then back up again? Are the negative thoughts or worries flooding in making it impossible for you to take back control of your happiness? As much as we all want to be more positive, negativity can be so alluring due to how our brains work to protect us. In order to venture down a more positive path, we have to convince ourselves to take action that we know will shift our mindset. In this short episode, Jen Costantino and Autumn Shields give voice to negative thinking and discuss tools to help us focus more on the positive side of things. Experiencing emotions is never a bad thing, but if you find yourself overanalyzing everything, worrying to the point that it’s all you can do, or ruminating over things you can’t control, then this episode is for you! 

Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

  • Tools you can implement daily to bring more positivity into your life.
  • Being aware of how the things in your environment make you feel & how to not let what you can’t control, control you. 
  • How to protect yourself from getting stuck in negative thinking.