When you hear the word connect, what do you think? I have been reflecting on the way we all connect. I’ve been evaluating how and why I connect with others. I want to be more authentic and intentional about the way and reason I connect. Before we can be intentional we must first be reflective and see what we are currently doing. While reflecting, I realized how fast things have changed. Depending on your age, you may remember days of playing outside with friends, writing a letter to a family member, calling each other on the phone without texting first, knocking on each other’s door to pick a person up, talking to others while in line at the grocery store or getting together to see vacation photos. Much of this is done with just a few clicks now. Technology has its plus and minuses, but that is not what this post is about.

This is to ask you to stop and think about the way and reason you connect with others. As I have been reflecting I see how I interact with people while I’m out and about. I notice how I interact with strangers if I am by myself or with someone else such as my partner or a group of friends. I notice if I look up to make eye contact and what I say or don’t say. I notice when I am on my phone if I am just scrolling through posts or actually sending messages or commenting. I notice if I am being present when talking to someone.  I also noticed how good it feels when someone reaches out to me in a real way to connect.  

There is no right or wrong. All different things play into how we communicate, such as; our culture, our personalities, our mood, access to others or devices to communicate. I just want to be intentional in connecting and who I am connecting with daily.

I have been more aware of “why” I am choosing to communicate or connect with someone. Do you communicate out of need, desire, guilt or entertainment? Ask yourself why you are communicating with someone and how.

Connecting is about relationships and I believe through relationships, regardless if it’s a brief interaction or life long partnership, we can grow, learn, be inspired, be changed, be encouraged, be validated, be questioned, or just be. I believe to live your life alive, we need to connect in a real way. Take time to connect.  We need your connection.