Month: December 2020

  • Finding Joy in All the Right Places

    Where do you find joy?  Is finding happiness a struggle or do you experience it with ease? Do you often find yourself in circumstances that feel hard to keep your reactions under control? It can be easy to get distracted from all the beauty and good that exists, but what you experience is your choice! Alexis Dascoulias dives deep into what inner joy is, how she chooses to find happiness daily, and what you can implement into your life to start feeling your inner joy as well. She introduces the power our daily decisions have and gives you great advice on how to deal with those negative people that come into your life. Alexis has served as a teacher, director, theater producer, mentor and speaker for programs such as the American Camp Association, Rotary International, state STEM programs and public and private schools. She is a firm believer in the power of camp, grit and gratitude! Listen in and begin to transform your life by learning to reclaim your power and find inner peace.

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How to find inner joy daily
    • Why some seem to struggle to find that inner peace and happiness
    • Activities you can implement daily to help bring more joy into your life in 2021

  • How to Create a Clear Vision for Your Life

    A new year is coming!  Regardless of when you are listening to this show you can implement what you will learn from this show year around. Allow yourself to be open to receiving these great tools and all the good that is coming!

    Are you living your life with intention or just “doing” life?  Are you manifesting the things you truly desire, or do you find yourself settling lately?  Are you feeling the nudge to step into your calling but you are resistant to it?

    You have the power within you to step into a life you desire and are being called to live.  Teri talks about the nudges in her own life and how they helped direct her to step into her calling and what happened when she didn’t follow the nudges.  She also shares how to work with intention daily and shares tools on how to manifest the things you desire.

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How following life’s nudges can guide your life.
    • How being intentional at the end of the day, allows things to come to you instead of having to be in place of pushing.
    • How putting pen to paper or doing a vision board, your brain generates new ideas and allows you to act as if it has already happened.
    • When you visualize what you want and tap in into the emotion of it, the energy aligns and where the magic happens.
  • Knowing When to Pivot to Find Passion

    Do you feel a nudge to do something big but you feel like you have hit a wall? Are your thoughts and actions not complimenting who you truly are in your heart? After Jen Costantino had her three boys she started to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and started to lose sight of who she was. Once she saw that her kids were picking up on the bad habits she created in herself, she knew she had to start making a change. Jen decided to dive straight into studying personal development and human behavior, rather than choosing to let it be. Jen shares the tools she started implementing into her daily life to help her make a deep change within herself and completely change the path her life was going down. It can change your life too. 

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • Tools to help shift your mindset and how to implement those tools into your life. 
    • The struggles and achievements Jen has endured through her journey so far. 
    • Being aware of yourself and knowing when to take a step back. 
  • A Change of Scenery

    Are you feeling like you could use a change in scenery?  Feeling restricted and frustrated? As the saying goes “A change of scenery can help everything,” but can it really?  Autumn Shields asks you to take inventory of the scenery around you and gives you tips on how changing the scenery in different ways, may just help you feel a little bit more alive today.  

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • A change of scenery can change the way we experience the day
    • A change of scenery can help you feel more in control when you are feeling out of control
    • A change of scenery doesn’t just have to be location, it can be about experiencing things differently. 

  • A Field Guide to Life

    Has life always felt like a struggle or do you feel a sense of peace and freedom? Have you always had a hard time trusting your own decisions or do you struggle with uncertainty?  Autumn Shields and Bradford Glass will help give you some understanding as they chat about his purpose behind his new book called, The Field Guide To Life: Navigating the Challenges Of Our Lives and Times. As children we often hold onto lessons that were taught to us by the people we grew up around, that may not serve who we are today. Bradford shares how he is constantly observing unhappiness and struggle around him, even before COVID19 hit the world. He has learned to experience the world in a different way. Tune in to hear more about Bradford’s journey into writing such an inspiring book.  

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • How to look inside ourselves to find negative lessons we’ve learned and undo them.
    • How to release what does not serve us and discover our true self.