Do you feel a nudge to do something big but you feel like you have hit a wall? Are your thoughts and actions not complimenting who you truly are in your heart? After Jen Costantino had her three boys she started to feel overwhelmed, stuck, and started to lose sight of who she was. Once she saw that her kids were picking up on the bad habits she created in herself, she knew she had to start making a change. Jen decided to dive straight into studying personal development and human behavior, rather than choosing to let it be. Jen shares the tools she started implementing into her daily life to help her make a deep change within herself and completely change the path her life was going down. It can change your life too. 

Here’s what we discussed in today‚Äôs episode:

  • Tools to help shift your mindset and how to implement those tools into your life. 
  • The struggles and achievements Jen has endured through her journey so far. 
  • Being aware of yourself and knowing when to take a step back.