• Ten Things That Could Be Holding You Back From Living Life Fully Alive

     Do you want more out of life but feel stuck? Does it feel like there’s a big obstacle standing in your way? In today’s episode, we look at some of the things that may be holding you back in life. Maybe you already know what is holding you back or maybe you know it’s something, but you just can’t identify it. Today’s show will give you the opportunity to look and take inventory of what is holding you back from being the best you! 

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • Ten specific things that can cause you to not be able to live your life fully alive. 
    • Awareness of these specific things can give you the power to make a change. 
    • When you can identify what is holding you back or causing you to not live all out, you can make a choice to find tools to help you move forward or upward.

    • Don’t Put Off Living!

      What is that thing that you keep putting off for the right time or for the right occasion? Why wait? Part of learning to live your life alive is to experience things that make us feel good. The feeling of experiencing these things is much better than the feeling of waiting for these things to happen.

      Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

      • Reasons we wait
      • What are the benefits of living all out
      • Examples of things you can do today 
    • The Step Most People Miss When Planning For The New Year

      Are you ready to grab up what 2023 has to offer you? More importantly, are you ready to create what you want in 2023? If you are, this episode is for you! Many people hope, wish or even set goals, but without these specific steps things tend to stall out.

      Autumn shares 

      • Before you set any goals you must take time to align with yourself.
      • Decide. Simple to do. Simple not to do. 
      • Plan. Think it, ink it, and plan it.
      • The step that most people miss is planning for the unexpected and obstacles.
    • Feeling Guilty About How You Are Feeling?  

      Feeling guilty over feeling a certain way or not feeling something you think you should be feeling? Guilt is a heavy subject, but if we can identify it and learn why we feel guilt, we can usually let it go. In this episode, Autumn Shields brings on Adi Ell-Ad to tell his story of how he lost his house to a fire. Through his traumatic experience he was able to understand different levels of trauma, coping skills and was able to find a silver lining. He also shares how the feeling of guilt surprisingly surfaced.  Listen in to learn more about the feeling of guilt and learn steps on how to move through a traumatic event or the feelings you have around it.  

    • Kicking Off Season #4 and Letting Go Of The Noise

      Are you ready to feel fully alive in your life? Have you been searching for a way to take your life to the next level? Maybe you are feeling alive in certain areas of your life and completely lost or uninspired in others. To be able to live YOUR best life, you must first assess where you are today and where you want to be. In this episode we are kicking off season four with tips on how to quiet the external noise around you so you can learn to listen to your internal narrative. We have a lot in store for you this season to help you introspect and find what it means to YOU to live your life more fully alive. 

      Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

      • What does it mean to ‘turn down the noise’ & why is it important?
      • Tips on tuning in to your own internal desires.
      • What you can expect this season.

    • How does energy and health affect you from living your life alive?

      How does energy affect you from living your life fully alive?  More specifically, how does the rate at which the frequency your energy vibrates at affect your life? Whether you are new to the concept of energy or have a deep understanding, you will learn tips on how to be aware of your energy and things that can increase or decrease its frequencies.  

      Join Dr. Andi Harper and I to learn more.  Dr. Andi is a chiropractor and A CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, certified animal chiropractor and holistic animal care strategist. She is the owner and operator of a thriving practice, Animal Magic Care, based in Golden, CO.

      With a global animal communication/consultation business, Dr. Andi inspires her clients to create magic in their life and with their animals. Her straightforward strategy of bodywork, optimal food choices and frequencies invites the animals she works with and their people into having more ease, communication and health.

      Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Denver, CO. Dr. Andi received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences and her Animal Chiropractic Certification from Options for Animals.

      Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:  

      • Becoming aware that we are energy
      • Things that affect frequencies
      • Tips on how to increase frequencies to help you live healthier
      • Introduction to a personal frequency device called Healy

    • Letting Go Affirmations

      Is there something you need to let go of to live your life more alive?

      Listen to these affirmations to help you let go. 

    • I’m Fine! Everything Is Fine! Or Is It?

      Saying “I’m fine” can be an overstatement or an understatement depending on how life is going, but why hide your true experience? Are you scared that your friends and family will judge you? Are you okay celebrating the highs and learning through the lows? In this episode, you’ll hear how over the years as Autumn was building her online wellness business, there were times where she felt unsupported and rarely embraced by people in her life. After realizing how drained she felt, she decided it was time to make some changes in her life and be particular as to who she shared her sacred space with and found people who were like-minded. Tune in to hear Autumn’s tips for re-evaluating relationships so you can create boundaries and start surrounding yourself with people who will celebrate your wins and be there for you during your lows.  

      Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode: 

      – Why being fine is not always okay.

      – How to accept and trust the process.

      – How to celebrate the good times and move through the tough times.

      – How to choose people to surround yourself with who support you.

      – How to navigate through all the emotions that we as humans feel.

    • Letting Go Of Hurt To Live More Fully Alive

      Has there been certain events or people that hurt you in your life that you are having a hard time letting go of? What do you do with that hurt? How do you process trauma? Everyone has gone through the trials and tribulations of their own life, but how that hurt is dealt with, is what really matters. Join Autumn Shields as she opens up about the hurt she has experienced not only around her, but  in her own life as well. You will walk away from this episode being able to recognize the hurt you’re hanging on to, if you’ve created an identity around your hurt, and tools to help you let go of that hurt so you can live life more fully alive. If you’re having trouble letting go and accepting how you have been hurt throughout your life, don’t miss out on this episode! 

      Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

      • Identifying the hurt you have buried or that you need to let go of.
      • Taking on your hurt as an identity.
      • Visualizations and more tools that can help you cope

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