Month: October 2021

  • Turning Down The Noise

    Did you know that there are hidden forces we encounter everyday that can change our thinking and affect our behavior? Have you ever thought about how everything you see and listen to on a daily basis can affect you? There is so much ‘noise’ surrounding us as we live our day to day lives, it can be hard to realize how it influences us. In this episode, Autumn Shields breaks down what negative noises are, how we can recognize them in our own life, and steps to turn down that noise so we can start listening to our own voice instead. These negative noises constantly pull us one way or another by instilling some type of fear. All day long we are distracted from listening to our own voice by seeing signs on the side of the road, from non-stop notifications, and from always listening to radio stations, podcasts, or music. Autumn wants you to take your life into your own hands so you can start owning your truth and your voice. Don’t miss this week’s episode. It may be exactly what you needed to finally let go and start living your life alive.

  • The Importance of Letting GO and Affirmations

    Are there things in your life that are no longer serving you? Are you struggling with letting go?  If you know that these “things” in your life no longer serve you, then why is it so hard to shut the door on them and move on? Autumn Shields jumps straight into what season three is all about; letting go and accepting change. In this episode, Autumn talks about the general feeling of fear we all go through when life starts showing us that it’s time to let go, so we can make room for new and improved opportunities or relationships. You will be given exercises to help you work through that fear, gain the confidence you’ll need to walk into the unknown, and finally be able to live on the other side of fear by letting go. Stay tuned this season as each episode will bring you new tools to use and relatable success stories of people who are now living bigger, fuller, and bolder lives just like you can!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • Why is it so important to let go of what is not serving you.
    • What is on the other side of letting go
    • Affirmations to use, create and share