Month: June 2020

  • Self Hypnosis and Living Alive

    Have you ever wondered what hypnotherapy is and if others can actually control your mind? Do you have blocks within yourself that you can’t seem to identify or get away from? A common misbelief stems from street magicians “hypnotizing” people on the street. Wendy MacDonald is a certified Hypno-Therapist, who helps others tap into their subconscious mind to find their own solution to the problems in their lives. She puts the common beliefs to rest and shows you how you can actually practice hypnotherapy yourself. Whether you realize it or not, we actually practice this daily without even trying. Don’t miss out on how you can push yourself in a different path of life and a guided hypno session!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    ● Meditation VS Hypnosis
    ● 5 steps to practice hypnotherapy

  • Consistency is Key!

    Is it hard for you to stay consistent? You make a promise to yourself to commit to something but the motivation only lasts a couple days? Michelle Camina started bodybuilding in Hawaii at the age of 40. She is now 50 years old and continues to compete every year while also running her own business as a personal trainer. Tune in and take some time to observe Michelle’s experiences so you can better understand your own!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:
    • The importance of confidence
    • The benefits of consistency and accountability
    • How to get your mindset right

  • From Debt to Making a Difference

    Have you ever found yourself in major debt, thinking that you’ll be spending your life paying it off? Has your financial stress made you feel like you’re losing yourself? We all have found ourselves struggling, but what we do to get out of it is what truly matters. Kyle Depiesse is the creator and founder of the Reaching Beyond Experience and the Reaching Beyond Podcast. He was featured on The Dave Ramsey Show to talk about how he and his wife paid off $380,000 in 38 months to become completely debt free! Don’t miss out on the powerful advice Kyle has to offer and tune in!

    Here’s what we discussed in today’s episode:

    • Tips to get back on the right path
    • How to reach the highest level of fulfillment through connection with ourselves and others
    • How to build a fulfilling career