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Sharing your gift is your highest purpose and ultimate responsibility.

When you start feeling the nudge to take a bold action, it’s unmistakeable. It’s a piercing, divine message that won’t leave you alone. You’ll see signs of it everywhere. 

The nudge is also proof the resources you need are right in front you. (You landed on this page, didn’t you?)

Our team has a no-nonsense approach and considers client relationships a partnership. YOU get to be in the driver’s seat. Whether you want to go slow, follow the speed limit, or put the pedal to the metal, we will be in the passenger seat as your co-pilot. 

Through coaching, speaking, social marketing, and printed materials, our team helps people follow the nudges to recognize their gifts and take that first leap of faith. Ultimately, we need to answer this call because YOUR calling makes a difference for all of us. 

Bradford L. Glass

Live Your Truth Every Day

For 40 years, Bradford Glass has inspired courageous leaders, professionals and their teams to challenge conventional thinking and instead take a stand for living with authenticity and freedom. As a manager, as an educator, and as a coach, Brad evokes in his clients an uncommon level of clarity and perspective – about self, others, life, work and the world – that allows them to release “the way it is” and step with confidence into “the way it could be.” 

In writing, speaking and coaching, Brad draws on nature’s wisdom as an archetype for living with creativity, resilience and balance. Through concepts, metaphor and practices, he guides others on the journey into the uncharted territory of their greatest potential. Brad has earned the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, and master’s degrees in both Engineering and Environmental Studies. He has served as Adjunct Professor at Antioch University’s Graduate School, and as a board member of the New England chapter of the International Coach Federation, the Waldorf School of Cape Cod and the Community Leadership Institute of Cape Cod. He has over 35 years experience as a manager in the software industry, and in the ancient past was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. In his spare time, he led nature tours to some of North America’s unusual wilderness locations.

Ideal Clients

An old saying advises: “if you don’t want much from life, you don’t have far to go.” But if you do want more – meaning, freedom, peace, joy – and are (1) determined to discover what’s possible, (2) willing to be changed by what you learn along the way, and (3) comfortable with looking inside yourself for answers, I’m here to help. It doesn’t matter if you know what you want, but only that you’re willing to step into uncharted territory, discover your authentic truth, and honor that truth by designing your life around it. If you’re one of the few with the courage to challenge conventional thinking (so you can live your own instead), contact me for a conversation that can shift your thinking forever. I will help you reach a level of clarity and perspective – about yourself, others, life, work and the world – that allows you to live your truth, every day. Trade the way it is for the way it could be.

Jen Costantino

Wake Up and See Life Through Clearer Lenses

Jen Costantino is a wife and mom of three active boys ages nine, nine, and seven. She wanted nothing more than to be a mom, but like many women, shortly after becoming a mom she found herself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unhappy on a daily basis. Jen knows firsthand what it is like to go through the motions of everyday life, living for everyone else and putting your own wants and desires to the side. 

It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that she was finally able to wake up and see life through clearer lenses. At that moment she knew she had two choices – either stay in that negative state of mind or change. Jen’s motivating factor was her children. When she noticed her children starting to adopt the same outlook on life, the choice was clear – she had to change.

Jen began a journey of self-development. She studied human behavior, emotions and learned a variety of techniques and skills that changed her life. As she experimented with the various strategies, she fine-tuned them to allow her to implement them into her busy lifestyle. Jen now coaches other women to help them overcome the struggles they face each day and live out their best life. 

Ideal Clients 

I help moms reclaim control of their life so that they can live out their best lives. When working with me 1:1 you will quickly see shifts in your mood, your  energy and confidence. I will help you tame your negative thought patterns, provide techniques to help you let go of guilt and teach you skills to handle the many demands that are expected of you day in and day out. 

You and your family deserve the absolute best version of yourself in life! Become the woman you are meant to be for yourself and for your children.

*Jen Costantino cannot accept coaching requests from Independent Consultants with Arbonne due to a conflict of interest. 

Autumn Shields

Use Your Nudges to Live Life Fully Alive

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Autumn Shields is an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster.  Autumn was a police victim advocate in Colorado. During her career she was able to assist thousands of crime victims.  While she was working in this field and helping raise four children, Autumn started to build an online business with a health and wellness company.  Within a few years she was able to build a team and she promoted to the top 1% in the company.  She now lives a life by design and helps others do the same.  She published a book called, “Living Your Life Alive” and hosts a podcast called “The Living Alive Show.” She has a passion for helping people achieve a life that they dream of by learning how to follow life’s nudges and step into their purpose.  Autumn enjoys coaching individuals, teams and businesses.
Ideal Client
I love to connect and help others who have that knowing that they were made for more.  If you are feeling that “nudge” inside of you to do something but you don’t know the next steps, I can help you.  I have a no-nonsense approach and consider my client relationships a partnership. YOU get to be in the driver’s seat and decide the speed in which you move. I will be in the passenger seat as your co-pilot to assist you with my knowledge and a set of tools to help you along the journey.
If you are:
Looking to find your passion and live life fully alive
Looking to start your own business and need guidance
Looking to start a health and wellness online business
…I am your girl! 
The quote “Live to the point of tears.” by Albert Camus is how I choose to live my life.  Why would you want to live a life any other way?  YOU deserve to live YOUR life fully alive!

*Autumn Shields cannot accept coaching requests from Independent Consultants with Arbonne due to a conflict of interest.

Mike Tarantino

Not your typical coach, no bullshit, zero shits given.


How does one know if their career is reaching its fullest potential? If they are using all of their God given gifts? Tough questions….  Here are some sure signs that you may not be:

1. You use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

2. You hate Mondays, call Wednesday “hump day,” and live for Fridays.

3. You can’t honestly look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m doing what I was put on Earth to do.”

4. You don’t believe making other people’s lives better is the purpose of your work.

5. You are not (truly) grateful for what you have.

6. Your focus is on making money.

People that feel true satisfaction in their careers are surrounded by abundance.  In their relationships, their work and in their bank accounts.  They can’t wait to get up in the morning, they don’t care what day of the week it is, they are bursting at the seams with gratitude and unquestionably the purpose of their work is making other people’s lives better. 

You may be reading this and are saying to yourself, “Yeah right, life isn’t like that!” If that’s your belief then you’re right, work isn’t like that.  But if you just read that and are curious how your career can be just like that, then the next step is to reach out to me.

I specialize in small business start-ups, buying and selling small businesses, creative financing, leaving your job to go off on your own, and male midlife crisis resolution.

Mike is a father of three and has been a small business owner for 20 years.  As a serial entrepreneur he has gained a wealth of knowledge from both his successes and failures.  He’s also studied psychology and retired from a career in the Biotech space.  His specialties include coaching those interested in starting a small business, those buying or selling a small business, and men enduring a mid-life crisis.  He helps his clients generate alternative, creative solutions to most small business issues.  Mike enjoys a life of incredible freedom and abundance and is passionate about helping others do the same.

Ideal Client

My ideal client takes personal responsibility seriously.  If you can grasp that one concept, I can help you change your life.  If you are not willing to take responsibility for the life you have created, then you don’t need me.  Keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what you have always gotten. 

Nothing makes me happier than helping people wake the courage inside them, discover their gift and watch them share it with the world.

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates